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About Me

Hi! I’m Linda Barrett. After working for many years as a Beauty Therapist and in Day Spa, I knew there was more to this than what was on the surface. The one thing that I gravitated to and loved was massage. This was only the beginning of what was to be my true life’s journey.

I first started off learning all sorts of things like seeing auras, reading flowers, jewellery readings, working with crystals – a real cross-section of different things – and I was still hungry to learn more and more.

After I moved to Queensland I met a lady who talked to me about Chiron Healing. Having no idea what that was, I decided to go and find out. Chiron turned my life around. I felt like I had come home; it made all sense to me. I met many like-minded people with whom I am still friends today. It was about doing healing and that I was very interested in, but first I had to heal myself and let a lot of self doubt and anger go and even today I do work on myself on a daily basis. It’s like eating and sleeping – you just build it into your daily routine.

I then wondered if I should learn something else as I had heard many people talk about Reiki and that was my next learn to mastership. The next learn was Reshiba – I found it similar to Reiki.

Just on 11 years ago I started at the Eumundi Markets doing Massage and Healing. Today my focus is on healing. I work with each person to help them release old patterns and create more abundance, love and good health in their life. Make time for yourself – we all need healing on many levels.

I loved the sound of singing bowls and the vibration that happens throughout the whole body to shift anything that gets stuck in the body. They are one of my favourite tools to work with. Yes, I do have a collection of them also.

Crystals were my next love so I decided to go and learn about them. Never underestimate the power of crystals. They can move mountains at different times in our lives when needed. I am also a qualified crystal healer.

On a more personal note… I am very blessed with a wonderful husband and two great children and delightful grandchildren. We live on a two acre property that backs onto a State Forest full of native bird life and kangaroos that graze our property on a daily basis. It is a peaceful place to live and when I am not working at the markets, I work from home and love it.