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Chakra Balancing Essential Oils

These essential oils were carefully chosen and mixed by me for the specific purpose of bringing absolute balance into your body through your Chakra points. These essential oils are for you to use in your every day life. There are many ways in which you can use them.

I have also included a bottle of sweet almond oil which is a carrier oil.

The carrier oil is to be used in conjunction with your Essential Oil when you put the oil directly on your skin. For example, if you were using the RED bottle, place two drops of the carrier oil to one drop of the essential oil on your finger and rub into the base Chakra point. The only time you do not use the carrier oil is when you put essential oil on the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands because the skin is a lot thicker and will not burn.

This is where the Chakra points are on the body and what they look like ...


Chakras are the energy centres of the body. Everything we feel, see, hear and do is filtered through the Chakra points. We are all made of energy; our emotional body and matter being our physical body.

There are seven main Chakra points in the body that we are going to work with. They look like spinning wheels joining at the spine. Each of these Chakra points plays an important part in our body.

Shaped like conical funnels, the seven in-body chakras
connect with the physical body at the spine.

On a physical level you may be experiencing pain in your body. The pain will be near a Chakra point. Say, for example, you have a pain in your neck, your closest Chakra is the Throat Chakra.

Use 1 drop of oil plus 2 drops carrier oil per chakra point to activate the body system.
Use the oils to smell. Seven deep breaths 2 to 3 times each day to clear that chakra point.
A few drops of a specific oil in a bath or 1 drop of each of the seven Essential oils in a bath.
Use a cool cloth compress with two drops of oil and place on the area needed.
To put oils directly on the skin they must first be mixed with your carrier oil.
You may wish to use a different oil each day on your body. Use 2 drops of carrier oil and drop of the chosen Essential oil and rub into the Chakra-related area.
Choose an oil for a week to activate a deep detox. Put on your body, front and back, starting at your base chakra and carrier oil. Include feet.
Place 1 drop of Base Essential Oil on the soles of your feet to ground yourself. No carrier oil needed.
Place 1 drop of Throat Essential Oil on the palms of your hands. No carrier oil needed. This activates the palm chakras.


RED - BASE CHAKRA is about grounding and stability

ORANGE - SACRAL CHAKRA is about relationship and feeling


  is about opinion and personal power

GREEN - HEART CHAKRA is about unconditional love

BLUE - THROAT CHAKRA is about self-expression, will and communication

MAUVE - THIRD EYE is about balancing of higher and lower self. ESP.

PURPLE - CROWN CHAKRA is about your connection to source and divine love


Oils are not to be taken orally at any time
Keep out of reach of children
If swallowed, seek medical attention urgently