Spiritual Healing House
Spiritual Healing and Awareness

Energy Healing

Relax your body and mind and just allow all of your organs and your body systems to revitalise through a healing. By allowing and opening up your mind and heart is the first step to receiving a soul deep healing on many levels; the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and the mind.

With each healing you receive, there is always a shift in consciousness.

I have many different methods of healing. From a Chakra Balance I work my way through the seven energy centres of the body to restore balance, harmony and peace within the body's systems.

The seven Chakra points


Singing bowls have a wonderful vibration and I play them during or after your treatment.

Singing Bowls


I use Chakra balancing stones to clear any blockages in the chakra points. For more information click HERE.

Chakra Balancing Stones


Essential Oils for your Chakra points to inhale and rub into the body which helps the body's energy to flow easier and the body to heal quicker.

Essential Oils

For more information on my oils, click HERE


Crystal Healing feels so natural. It is our way of connecting up to Mother Earth. She grounds us and often gives us clarity. By placing different crystals over the body and around the body, crystals help to change the energy flow and release what is blocked in the body that might be holding you back along your path of life.

Crystals are millions of years old and hold amazing healing energy.



Vibrational Essences are a great benefit to help you move forward on your journey, especially when you have tried many different things and nothing has been working for you. They will give you a lift and give you a shift on three levels; first on your physical, then your emotional and spiritual. Try something different today!

Vibrational Essences

For more information on my 18 vibrational essences, click HERE