Spiritual Healing House
Spiritual Healing and Awareness

Hands On Easy Healing - Breakthrough Journey 1-2



Experience the magic feeling of being able to use your natural given talents for healing on yourself, family, friends, and even animals.

You will be guided to connect and embrace your own deep healing gifts as each and everyone has their own special gifts.

You will receive deep blessings and clearer insights as you allow your heart to expand and open as you learn to give to yourself and others in healing.


Now that you have started on your journey as a healer, it's time to take another quantum leap onto your spiritual path. Embracing your own special healing gifts comes from the centre of your core being.

As you may have found, your heart has been opened bringing in love and joy and help to the people that need you most.

As you learn more about your body's energy and gain an in-depth knowing of the Chakras, you also receive a deep healing that connects you closer to your soul's energy.

What is supplied: Morning and afternoon tea

What to bring: Pillow, towel and a shared lunch both days

Investment: $290

Where:  9 Flooded Gum Place, Black Mountain, QLD 4563

Map showing location of 9 Flooded Gum Place