Spiritual Healing House
Spiritual Healing and Awareness

Hands On Easy Healing - Breakthrough Journey 3-4



Now that you have felt how easy it is to work with your natural God-given ability for healing yourself and others, it is time to step into your intuitive self.

By now you may have found yourself working in a way that comes natural to you. This is your special gift as a healer.

All through your learning you will be guided and given an understanding of what you need to learn. Gracefully accept whatever spirit brings you. This is spirit's way of helping you to empower yourself and build your confidence.


Now that you have experienced and embraced the wonderful world of healing, you can't help but feel your heart open even further to help and guide others at whatever level they are at.

By now, you should be feeling more confident with the intuition that you have been given by the divine wisdom of your guides and/or ascended masters.

The more confidence you have in yourself, the more confidence your clients will have in you.

What is supplied: Morning and afternoon tea

What to bring: Pillow, towel and a shared lunch both days

Investment: $310 (kit included)

Where:  9 Flooded Gum Place, Black Mountain, QLD 4563

Map showing location of 9 Flooded Gum Place