A Day for Healing and Learning to Love Yourself

A Day for Healing

What if I could give you a whole day purely devoted to your Healing needs?

I have created an amazing day just for this specific purpose to work with you and to help you find your own natural radiance and vibration for HEALING.

When you find yourself disconnected from your true essence of who you are, with no real purpose, even feeling lost, stuck or you just would like a day of healing all to yourself,  let me awaken you to your great perfection and your soul love.

I love to work with three of the most powerful senses, smell with my own blends of Essential oils, sound with my singing bowls, and touch. During the course of the day we will work with all three.

I will take you to my sacred place that I have created on my property where you can feel love, joy and peace all around you and embrace all your changes in my re-awakening ceremony.

By the end of the day you will feel lighter in the body, a lot clearer in the mind and even a sense of being grounded. I only have small classes so I can work with each person.

Everything will be supplied – morning and afternoon tea, a nice yummy lunch and I have filtered water. If you have any dietary needs, please let me know in advance.

Please wear comfortable clothing and no makeup.

Details for the Day

Starting time:   8:45 am — please be on time

Finishing :         4:00 pm  approximately

Investment in yourself:    $160

For any further information on my one day course please call Linda on 0419 300 187 and I will send my address and banking details when you book. Please be mindful that I have small groups, so book early to get the date you want. Full payment is required at the time of booking.  Money will not be refunded if you cancel, but you can book another date.

Everything will be supplied including a manual with what we do on the day.

 My gift to you is a 25ml bottle of Andara crystal drops programmed to your immediate needs.

A Day for Healing