Healing Session


If you are in a period of time where you are feeling stuck and not seeing a clear path, it’s time for a one-on-one session. I will take you on a journey to clear all of your outdated stuff that you have been holding onto, or holding you back taking . . .

One step at a time

This is a fast-moving period and a time for you to shift your vibration to a different level of being, bringing in more Love, Joy and Happiness into your life.

The three of the most powerful ways to receive Healing is through smell, touch and sound. I use all three. I have different oils that I have blended to get you started and to clear the mind. I place my hand on top of your head to bring through your highest connection. I use my beautiful singing bowls bringing in sound healing to clean and clear a new pathway.

I will also give you a 25ml bottle of my crystal drops to take home.

When we have finished you will feel a lot lighter in the body and clearer in the mind.

Invest in yourself – you are worth it.

Cost: $65·00 (allow approximately 40 minutes)