An Introduction to One Day Courses

Black Mountain

We are all moving into a higher vibration whether you think so or not. What if I could give you a whole day just for you, creating a space for activating your unique vibration that you have had since birth? Some of us have found our uniqueness but for the majority we are still looking for it. Come to one of my special days at Black Mountain where you will be totally looked after and nurtured for the whole day in a protected and loving environment.

I am so blessed and grateful to be living at the top of a ridge on my five acre property surrounded by many mountains that connect to each other and holds a strong Healing and Rejuvenating energy to all that enters through the gate.

I offer you three different days that you can come to. 

My first, A Day for Healing is dedicated to looking after you by me and my team. Everything will be supplied on the day. All you need to do is switch off, relax and enjoy being nurtured for the whole day.

The second is Discover Yourself. This is a time for you to learn more about yourself, open up your loving heart, feel connected to your soul energy and release any and all old outdated stuff that has been holding you back in this lifetime and in any and all past lifetimes. By the end of the day you will feel lighter in the body and more at peace with yourself.

My third is Magic Starts with You”. It is a day for Magic. Everyone has their own style of Magic. All I do is help you connect with what you already have. I will share many techniques with you to help you work your own Magic. Then own it.

There are many more special days to come in the future for gatherings and Healing days to help you feel more confident in your work.

For more information on my three different days please check for booking dates on the relative course page.

Bookings are essential if you want a particular date, mainly because I only have small groups so everyone is looked after or leave me a message so I can work in with you.