Tree of Life


These Oils and Balms have been carefully blended and gridded. There is a crystal in each one to encourage a change in your DNA’s Vibrational structure and to purify on a Soul level. Welcome to a new and higher level of vibration moving you forward to your true self. The box set has a brochure and how to use your Balms, oils and the Palo Santo smudging stick.

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Sense of Belonging

Feeling like you are connected to your tribe and family, being in tune with all that is around you.

My Purpose in Life

Finding your originality and expressing it when you thought it was lost. Enriching your life from now.

Owning my Personal Power

Brings in self confidence, identity. Being who you were meant to be in this lifetime.

I am Love

Joy, compassion, tenderness and kindness are empowering you. Open up your heart space to receive loving gifts every day.

Galactic Awakening

A wake up call from indifference or ignorance, to see way beyond what you thought was possible.

Self Speak

Listen and communicate with yourself first, opening to fluent thoughts. Finding your independence and sense of security and self worth.

Inner Clarity

Trusting your inner balance and harmony to see your greater potential.

I am Wisdom

Working with your spiritual knowing. Enabling you to create miracles.

Body Balance (sold separately)
When you are feeling out of sorts and can’t put a finger on it, this is the ideal time to use Body Balance. Once you feel back in Balance, try my balms and oils for a more direct purpose.