About me

There is something special about living in Queensland. I am very blessed to be living on top of the range at Black Mountain surrounded by plenty of amazing mountains that hold warm and loving energy for all to enjoy.

Hi, I’m Linda Barrett. For the past 25 years I have been living on the Sunshine Coast with my wonderful husband. Eleven of those years I worked at the Eumundi Markets doing massage and healing. By now you may have noticed how life seems to be moving very quickly and everything is speeding up. This is our chance to move into our new Vibration that has come onto our planet at this time. This Vibration is offered to everyone who is willing to embrace it.

Today I do sessions by private appointment for those who want to move up to that different vibration that is here now bringing a lot more joy, happiness, love and the feeling of being grounded.

I’ll be having some very different courses to help you open up to all that you can possibly be. This is your starting point to raise your awareness bringing your mind, body and soul frequency on line as we go further into the 21st century.

Over the last couple of years the way I do my healing has changed dramatically. I have been guided to work with the new vibration to help my clients advance in this way.

Many animals come every day to visit our five acre property. When we first came here there were no visiting animals and every week more come to walk the quiet sanctuary for peace and rest. Animals have a way of showing us how we should love and respect Mother Earth as she was here long before we arrived. All I ask is that whoever walks the land shows their respect as we do.

Welcome to the mountains