Discover Yourself

Self Discovery

This is an amazing day dedicated to discovering yourself


My second workshop is dedicated to finding out what you really need to clear and release in the here and now in a totally protected, Loving space. You will be guided every step of the way and supported with Love and dedication from me and my team. Today is the start of redesigning your imprint. As you step back into your power, you start to change the direction of your life. You redesign an imprint that is part of the progression of your soul.

On this Journey I will connect you to your own records so you can go there at any time you wish for clarity and guidance.

We all have our own special vibration and it is different to everyone else’s. You will be taken step by step to your inner guidance to clear any and all of what has been holding you back up to now.

Grounding is an important step. When we are totally grounded we tend to hear and see more and have a better understanding of what we are here for. On this journey today you will be shown how easy it is to stay focused and have a greater soul connection and to strengthen your bond with mother earth.

There is time to relax and rejuvenate. Reconnect to your sacred Harmony, blending with sound healing, and essential oils giving you time to let it slowly soaking in.

I have many gifts to share with you on this journey and at the end of the day we will enter sacred space for re-aligning and taking Love into our heart space. 

Details for the Day

Starting time:        8:45 am — please be on time

Finishing:               4:00 pm approximately

Investment in yourself:    $160

For any further information on my one day course please call Linda on 0419 300 187  so I can send my address and banking details when you book. Please be mindful that I have small groups so book early to get the date you want. Full payment is required at the time of booking.  Money will not be refunded if you cancel, but you can book another date.

My gifts to you are a 5ml bottle of Essential oils New Beginnings to start you straight away on your new journey of Healing and a Palo Santo stick for smudging.

Plus a manual that covers everything we do on the day.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

Morning, afternoon tea, filtered water and lunch will be supplied.